New year, new site…sort of

(Photo by on Unsplash) So, I feel like I should explain all this moving around and junk that’s been happening with Taking Flight. If you’ve been following this site by WordPress Reader for like three years and wondering why I’m showing up on your feed again, then you’re questions will be answered shortly. If you subscribed by email for forever and a day ago and you’re all … Continue reading New year, new site…sort of

So…it’s been a while

So…it’s been a while, almost 10 months since my last post on this blog. Like most people, I got busy and a blog on a myriad of topics from public relations to Oklahoma to sports just didn’t seem feasible for a full-time college student with increasing responsibilities. Not to mention my inspiration was gone and my motivation was lacking. In short, I got bored. Yes, … Continue reading So…it’s been a while