Taking Flight, Writing

Thank You!

2015 was THE year!

The year I finally jumped into my blog head first. The year I finally made a commitment to myself and Taking Flight. The year I was determined to blog at least once a week regardless of how busy the school year got. The year I finally took this talent of mine by the reigns and mobilized it for good. The year I gave myself a voice.

I started this blog in the summer of 2014 and seriously dropped the ball, but when I returned from Europe in May 2015 a little spark to write ignited a fire in my heart. My first blog post after Europe became a promise to myself to dare to dream, live adventurously, and be unapologetic in my faith, thoughts and goals.

So I put it all out there and to be honest, I was kind of nervous. There were some posts I was so scared to publish that I would send them to a friend before I made it live. I didn’t want to come across as insensitive and I also didn’t want people questioning my sanity and asking if I was okay. I only wanted to present my point of view as food for thought.

I wanted these words to be the figurative “pot of soup” people were simmering on low if that makes sense.

My first blog post after Europe I had my roommate Jill read it. I had resolved to not only publish but also publicize my writing.

And I was terrified.

After I published and shared it to Facebook, I shut my computer dramatically and didn’t look at social media for the next 24 hours. (HUGE deal for a millennial, sadly enough)

But any fear I had was unwarranted and unnecessary and I cannot express how thankful I am for all the support I have received as I take flight. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take this time to write out some of my thank you notes.

thank you notes

In all seriousness…

Thank you, Jill, for saying I could change the way people think with my writing when I showed you my first post-Europe post. If you hadn’t said that, I probably wouldn’t have kept writing!

Thank you, Kathryn, for always being my sounding board and photographer even though I can’t pay you for your awesome work!

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for always being behind me with every new article and for texting me after you read the latest post about how much you liked it!

Thank you to all of my family and friends who have personally told me how much you like my blog! I will always be writing for myself with the hope of impacting others, but it’s a blessing to know that I’m actually impacting others. You are the ones who pushed me to write during the weeks when I didn’t want to write whether I didn’t have time or I didn’t have any inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the hard-to-write articles and the fun ones, too!

And thanks be to God for giving me the ability to write! I hope I’m taking this talent to the bank (Matthew 25:14-30)!

Taking Flight, Writing

Why I Write

 A few weeks back the hashtag “#WhyIWrite” was trending on social media and on twitter especially. Anyone who considered him or herself a writer would write a tweet explaining why they do what they do.

So that’s what random people on twitter said. And then this is why one of my new and very dear friends writes!

But why do I write?

I write because it gives me a voice. I write because no one can interrupt me. If someone chooses to quit reading what I write, that’s their decision, but it doesn’t make the words exist any less.

I write because it’s cheaper than therapy and better for the soul than any substance (including coffee!). Because let’s face it…being a college student and a 20-something trying to figure out life is tough.

I write because sometimes it’s to hard to keep thoughts bottled up. They just keep coming and coming until I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t write some of it down.

I write because I have a lot to say. I have opinions, strong opinions. And I can add to the conversation as anyone can.

I write because I know it’s a talent God has blessed me with and to not use it would be to dishonor Him. I write so God can keep creating through His created.

I write to dream. I write to dare. I write to explore. I write to feel something. Sympathy. Empathy. Compassion. Grace. I write to grow.

I write and that’s all there is to it.