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Confessions of a Blogger


The title of this post is “Confessions of a Blogger” but could just as easily be confessions of a millennial or confessions of being human.

This goes with out saying but I love blogs! I have a blog (duh!), I follow a lot of blogs on a regular basis and I read a lot of other random blogs here and there.

This blog has been a ton of fun for me! I get to do what I love, which is writing, and use that passion to share the experiences and thoughts I have as a 20-something college student. Blogs are a fun way to share what’s going on in your life with family and friends, to share ideas with people far and wide, and to learn about other people and their views.

But while blogs can be used for great purposes, there is one struggle that I and many bloggers like myself all share and that is the struggle over numbers. We struggle to be authentic and I am no different. I struggle with writing to what will get the most likes or shares. It’s not just about writing something people will like, but sometimes you just want them to love it and a lot of the time they don’t love it. They merely enjoy it and that should be enough.

I struggle to share real life – my very real and imperfect life – with y’all. There is a line between being brutally authentic and keeping some things private. It’s so easy to write the “5 things” kind of post and they can be a lot of fun to write, but people want to feel. I want to feel and I want to know that other people want to feel, too. And maybe they want to feel the same things, too.

The internet is not always the best place to share some of the most vulnerable and tender parts of your soul that are best kept between you and a friend over coffee or put in God’s hands over prayer. But there’s something to be said for being able to put into words the pain and struggles that other people can’t always express. It’s a blessing. It’s a gift. To not use it would be to disgrace God. I would be no different than the servant who was given the one talent to invest in only to bury it for safe keeping.

But more than anything I struggle with what people might say when I decide to write in a very raw and brutally authentic way. People won’t always like what I write. Some might honestly hate it – find it insensitive or too sensitive. Some people will think that I just need to get over it and not get too caught up in X, Y or Z, but for every person who thinks an article is “too (fill in the blank)” there is someone who I have encouraged, someone who feels heard and represented instead of falling through cracks of a planet with 7 billion people on it.

So I must speak. I must write and not for the likes and shares. But I must blog with all the authenticity I can muster.

What does being authentic mean in your life?

(Originally published to my former site, thetakingflightblog.com, on February 15, 2016.)

Taking Flight, Writing

Why I Write

 A few weeks back the hashtag “#WhyIWrite” was trending on social media and on twitter especially. Anyone who considered him or herself a writer would write a tweet explaining why they do what they do.

So that’s what random people on twitter said. And then this is why one of my new and very dear friends writes!

But why do I write?

I write because it gives me a voice. I write because no one can interrupt me. If someone chooses to quit reading what I write, that’s their decision, but it doesn’t make the words exist any less.

I write because it’s cheaper than therapy and better for the soul than any substance (including coffee!). Because let’s face it…being a college student and a 20-something trying to figure out life is tough.

I write because sometimes it’s to hard to keep thoughts bottled up. They just keep coming and coming until I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t write some of it down.

I write because I have a lot to say. I have opinions, strong opinions. And I can add to the conversation as anyone can.

I write because I know it’s a talent God has blessed me with and to not use it would be to dishonor Him. I write so God can keep creating through His created.

I write to dream. I write to dare. I write to explore. I write to feel something. Sympathy. Empathy. Compassion. Grace. I write to grow.

I write and that’s all there is to it.