2020 is nothing like I imagined

2020. It seems so futuristic, like something out of Bradbury or Orwell or Huxley’s imagination, and in many way, it’s starting to play out like a literary dystopia or science fiction book. None of us thought we would work at home or that we would be restricted by how much we could interact with others or that many of the things we enjoyed doing (like … Continue reading 2020 is nothing like I imagined

Mercies instead of blessings

(Photo by Siddharth Kothari on Unsplash) For some reason, it feels a bit like cheating, piggy-backing off of some thoughts from a book. The past two summers the college group at church as done a book club so every week we read a chapter from the book and then discuss it. This practice has been hugely influential for me in my faith as I ponder new ideas with … Continue reading Mercies instead of blessings

Thoughts on the book of Matthew | Part II

So, we’re back for Part II for some thoughts on the book of Matthew! In no way is the blog post summative or a theological analysis. These are simply passages that stood out to me and thoughts I had while reading through Matthew this time. It took almost all of January since I’m reading a chapter from the New Testament a day! As I said … Continue reading Thoughts on the book of Matthew | Part II