Mercies instead of blessings

(Photo by Siddharth Kothari on Unsplash) For some reason, it feels a bit like cheating, piggy-backing off of some thoughts from a book. The past two summers the college group at church as done a book club so every week we read a chapter from the book and then discuss it. This practice has been hugely influential for me in my faith as I ponder new ideas with … Continue reading Mercies instead of blessings

New year, new site…sort of

(Photo by on Unsplash) So, I feel like I should explain all this moving around and junk that’s been happening with Taking Flight. If you’ve been following this site by WordPress Reader for like three years and wondering why I’m showing up on your feed again, then you’re questions will be answered shortly. If you subscribed by email for forever and a day ago and you’re all … Continue reading New year, new site…sort of