A Letter to the Woman Who is 19-going-on-20

(photo by Kathryn Patterson Photography) It’s been almost a year since I turned twenty. A lot of people said to get ready. That it would be hard and that the struggle would be so very real. People told me that this would be the hardest time in my life.┬áBut despite all the warnings and ill-tidings people would proffer, I looked at twenty and I saw … Continue reading A Letter to the Woman Who is 19-going-on-20

Praying for Paris

Paris. It’s a place that fills some of my most treasured memories. It’s where I had the best crepe of my life. It’s where I fell in love with coffee. It’s where I found the most amazing bookstore (thanks to Amanda Scott!). It’s where I formed new friendships and then watched the Eiffel Tower light up the night sky with them. We laughed. We explored. … Continue reading Praying for Paris