Welcome to Books of Ace’s!

I’m Ace (shortened from Candace), and this blog is a record of my adventures through books and life. Adventures are around every corner whether it be a street corner or the dog-eared page of a book.

The magic of being immersed in a good adventure has never been lost on me. So, I’m hear to share with you the where these two worlds collide!

Need an adventure within the crisp pages of a book? I have recommendations! Are you looking for literary locations around the world that you can visit and experience as well? I’ll tell you about my own literary travels and experiences!

My Background

Blogging has been something I’ve dabbled in probably since high school. I’ve blogged about my faith, my travels, and the books I read. I’ve blogged on various platforms from WordPress to Squarespace (in a season of splurging) and back to WordPress (because money). I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’m passionate about books, travel and faith.

I’m Candace, and I am a high school English teacher in Oklahoma, but there’s more to the story than that! I started out as a public relations student in college, and then too far into my degree, I decided I wanted to chase my childhood dream of being an English teacher. I used to tell my mom that I wanted a job where all I did was read and write, and the best way to do that was to be an English teacher in my teenage mind! Now, I definitely realize that teaching is so much more since I am in the profession, but go and get my master’s, I did.

Still, all I want to do is read and write, and I want to share those experiences with anyone who has an ear to listen.

Stick around for all of the adventures through books and life!