About Taking Flight

Taking Flight was born in June 2015 on the wings of a newly christened passport. Inspired by what I saw and experienced in my first overseas trip to the Great Britain and France, I came back with a desire to revive my forgotten dream of one day being a writer. At first, Taking Flight was one part travel blog, one part book blog and one (very small) part faith blog. However, that all changed after I wrote one article in response to a tragedy became wildly successful.

In the midst of heartbreak, I began to see that I had a gift for words that connected others to the Lord – a gift I couldn’t ignore. So, I began to incorporate my faith more into the articles I wrote. Just a few months later I was once again floored by the response to another blog post I wrote about the importance of Christians on public university campuses.

In the months that followed, I wrote more and more about my faith aiming to write with incite about the scriptures, and I adopted the following mission statement:

Our walk with God is a daily adventure! Whether you’re on a mountain top, volunteering to help refugees in a foreign country, or mindlessly taking notes in your 2:30 lecture, he is always ready to reveal Himself in new and amazing ways as you embark on your spiritual journey.

Taking Flight is a blog for the young and adventurous heart seeking to live a Christ-filled life as her or she spreads their wings. To the young adult in the process of spreading their wings and longing to glorify God along the way, I hope Taking Flight encourages you to dream wildly and live adventurously all in the name of Christ. I hope that through Taking Flight you are inspired to live a Christ-filled adventure!

With each new article, I still aim to point others to Christ. I still hope to show all that God is everywhere in our lives just waiting to reveal himself to us. But more than that I want to develop myself as a writer and I want to make people think while also throwing in a few book reviews every now and then. My hope is that your own faith will take flight as you think about religion and faith in ways you never have before.


About the writer

Hi everyone! My name is Candace, and I’m a public relations student turned English education graduate student at the University of Oklahoma. I’m a future high school English teach by day and an aspiring writer by night! I’m a lover of words, coffee, travel and Jesus. My heart and home are in the prairies of Oklahoma, but I’m an amateur sun-chaser with a goal of filling every page in my passport and climbing as many peaks as possible in a lifetime! I dare to dream wildly, live adventurously and be ambitious in the pursuit of happiness in Christ! In my wildest dreams, I’m a writer (preferably a novelist and essayist) who travels the world. You can catch all of my shenanigans in the process on this blog. Watch as I take flight! I may not fly for very long and I may not fly very high, but at least I got off the ground!