Taking Flight: Washington + Colorado

In the past month, I’ve been blessed to go to some pretty cool places. I love traveling and if I had an endless supply of money, I don’t think I would be able to keep my feet on the ground. I’d spend every minute exploring new places and trying to catch the next 747 to the next place on my travel checklist.

Over winter break, I went to two states I had already been to and even some already visited towns and cities, but I still made a point to find something and someplace new and amazing about each.


My first adventure started with a trip to the Pacific Northwest with my family to see more family that we hadn’t seen since my high school graduation so almost three years.

We actually flew into Portland, Oregon before enjoying the feet upon feet of snow and the beauty of the Cascade Mountains. Here are some photos from our stay at a quaint little farm house near Leavenworth, WA!

 The Drive to Leavenworth


The Cabin – Yes, there was a piano and horses!


Some Family and Some Sledding

Oh, and Bella (my cousin’s dog) LOVED her natural habitat!

Breckenridge, CO

Before I continue, I should probably say that I used to HATE going to the mountains. I was a kind of “loathe entirely” moment like from the Grinch because (1) it felt like my family went there every fall break when I was a kid and (2) I passed out every time.

But that’s all past tense junk now because mountains mean wilderness and wilderness means hiking, skiing and all sorts of outdoor fun. The higher the mountain the better regardless of fainting possibilities.

This was my second trip to Breckenridge in my life. Both times I have gone with the college group from church for a ski trip and it’s always been a blast. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by nature that God created and spending time with Christ-minded peers.

Though this was my second time to Breck, I still managed to explore some new slopes and enjoyed the breath-taking view that only harder slopes can offer. You don’t get views even close to that on Green slopes.

Here are some photos from Breck! Sorry they are in short supply compared to the WA photos!

Our Drive

I got Harper Lee’s new novel for the trip!

From the slopes, but not a blue. I was too busy trying to stay up to take a picture!

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