Living Joyfully + Design Adventures

I like to say that graphic design is one of my side passions…if that can even be a thing! I know it’s an oxymoron but stick with me! I love working in Adobe Creative Cloud and making beautiful things on the screen. I even enjoy drawing (when I actually decide to sit down and do it, that is, which is the reason it’s a “side” passion).

So, when my friend, Mckenna, said she was starting a blog and started asking me about Taking Flight and the logo I designed for it, I got really excited and offered to design a logo for her blog!

First of all, I love the purpose of her blog, Living Joyfully! It’s all about encouraging others and bringing a little sunshine into the lives of her readers. From the moment she started texting me about this pursuit of hers, I thought this could be something really cool!

And two: she’s one of the sweetest and most beautiful souls out there!

When I first started talking to Mckenna about designing her logo, I wanted to get a clearly defined brand so we started by clearly defining her brand personality.

Bright. Playful. Energetic. Light. Graceful. Peaceful. Simple but elegant.

From there we started working on a Pinterest board of elements that we thought captured that brand personality.

After some deliberation, texts back and forth, and some serious Pinterest searching, the Living Joyfully logo was born!

Living Joyfully

This was such a fun project to work on. I know this article departs a little bit from the typical Taking Flight content, but it has been just one of my little adventures in seeking a Christ-filled life!

To check out Living Joyfully, click HERE! And to check out and follow the Living Joyfully Instagram account, click HERE!

I did not design this for profit. At the date of publishing, Taking Flight and Living Joyfully are both not-for-profit blogs.

Your thoughts?

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