Logo Reveal!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been alluding to new and exciting steps for my blog, Taking Flight. Last week you got a sneak peak at some beautiful studio shots from Kathryn Patterson Photography! Look at this! Isn’t she talented?!


More of those to come, but this week I get to reveal the Taking Flight logo! You may have already noticed the change when you open the site in your browser. Hint: Look at the tab at the top of your screen! That is the square Taking Flight logo! Here’s an up close view.

Logo cross bow

This logo captures everything this blog is about – adventure and spreading my wings! I also wanted to pay tribute to my roots so I included an Oklahoma icon!

But there are some limitations to this logo. It doesn’t say exactly what it’s for so I needed a logo that helped with brand recognition. So I designed this!

Logo E

More surprises are still to come!

(Logos designed by Candace Hinnergardt. Photos courtesy of Kathryn Patterson.)


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